I am a:
Looking for a:
Couple, Woman 
Marital status:
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Sex with others, Woman only has sex with others, Affair, Sex with your partners only 
No expectations,no limits.
His Appearance
Body type:
6' 1" 
Tell others about you:

I `m quite open minded, like to go with the flow and as long as it feels natural I`m ok to try almost anything once. That also goes for my personal relations too, I like a relationship (of any kind) to grow organically to whatever it becomes. After all you`ll never know until you try, there`s been things in life that I thought I wouldn`t like but liked when I tried.
Anyway!!! If you`re curious(I am curious a lot of times about stuff) I don`t know if it makes me a master/dom yet but I definitely am a natural, with the right partner I like having a D\s playtime. I like to lead, immobilize, restrain, spank, choke ect. But I`m also respectful, thoughtful, caring and loving. My partner`s pleasure and satisfaction is important to me as much as I respect their boundaries. Yet if they want the boundaries stretched/pushed/broken I love helping with that too :)
I`m not opposed to casual encounters but prefer something ongoing with connection and chemistry. I`m looking for mental connection, physical attraction, chemistry and intimacy, and with the right person it would be nice to enjoy a long term relationship. But as long as there`s mutual respect and honesty, everything is fair game since all sides are already aware of what`s going on.