The Sex Matchmaker: Free to join during launch period

The Sex Matchmaker: Free to join during launch period

Hello fellow swingers,

We have revamped the website hoping to make it a better user experience for swingers to search locally or globally.

We have done some extensive search engine optimization and testing to make this website a fun experience and drive more traffic to the site.

We will be offering free lifetime memberships to anyone that joins over the next 6 months. Current members will be grandfathered into a lifetime membership for their loyalty to the website and we have thousands of members.

You can signup here or browse around first and check out our wonderful members and why they love the swinging lifestyle.

If you are a newbie to the swinging lifestyle, join and chat to our members and ask questions. You can also view our swinger terms webpage to learn all the lingo that is used in the swinger lifestyle.

Single males, do NOT be pushy, if a couple has interest they will message you back.

As metrics show, if you want a response from a couple or single, please upload at least one photo. Profiles without a photo get less user engagement.

Thanks for supporting our site and good luck in your search!