If you questions, “what women really want?” whether for dating, romance or relationships, the answer is simple. Women want a man who is convinced yourself really. Now, we said with confidence. We say own self-importance or so narcissistic not arrogant, obnoxious, filled with his, that he thinks that he more than the ordinary people of this world is something special.

A man, confident believes that he has the strength against adversity, or can learn the skills to make a happy and successful life for himself and his family, and is so strong in itself, that he threatened by an equally strong and self-confident woman is not. This is what women really want.

If you questions, “what women really need?” you get a very different response. Most are men regardless of women, depending on such a prominent psychologist says. While women boast that feminists, this expert says, still not the generations where men were required, changed to it to complete, and for their survival. The psychologist claims that there are another 10,000 years at least before the people are not what all women really need above all.

His attitude is that women really need men because they the male of the species feel dependent on come pre-programmed. Although women perform well financially on its own, her career and life climbing contains ladders supposedly like to own their psyche, a fear which alone can survive it without a man according to this study.

You need women, he points out, men really, partly, because they are smaller and therefore weaker than men. You need people to protect physically at times, but must also their social position which uneven today, whose career is successful, even bigger for the man as often for a woman seems to be.

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